Many of us have been in romantic relationships which feel incredible in the beginning but end up in trauma, regret and despair. How do we stop ourselves from becoming locked in cycles of abuse? What are the unconscious dating patterns that underlie our romantic interactions? How do we know what we are looking for in a partner? And most importantly why do we need to learn to love ourselves first? Written with dashes of humour and cringe-worthy honesty, you will find Lessons from the Frogs I’ve Kissed to be an entertaining and powerful read, which will help you on your own personal journey of finding everlasting love and happiness.

My intention in writing Lessons from the Frogs I've Kissed is to take the reader on a heartfelt journey, sharing my own personal, sometimes very painful experiences I went through until meeting Mr Right. I hope my story will offer readers reflection and perspective, and that they find the content highly relatable and a useful yardstick to determine their own level of happiness within their relationships. I also hope that they become inspired to reach for "above-mediocre" and realise that true happiness is not a pipe-dream but highly possible, not just with regards to our relationships but fundamentally, within ourselves.
I certainly had to kiss a couple of frogs, endure a broken heart and experience a challenging divorce from my daughters' father, but I got there eventually. The story is written with honesty and straight from my heart but I have added dashes of humour to keep it light-hearted and enjoyable.

My name is Krystal Kolnik Herrera and I am a 43 years old, mother of two teenage daughters and am happily married to my 2nd husband

I am a successful Real Estate Agent in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been in that industry for 19 years and counting.

Writing my story has been an incredible journey. One day I sat down with my laptop and the next thing I knew my story just flowed out. It felt like it was being downloaded. I wrote every night for 4 months That was in 2014. The editing process has taken four years!