This is one of the most honest, soul bearing and cringe worthy books I have ever read! It must have taken so much courage to write about your own experiences in love and brutally exposing yourself to the world. I think in today's digital world this book will come a a welcome nurturer and assist so many woman going through the same thing. (I am sure there are some lessons for the guys too!) At first it was hard to identify with the author as I myself had found my prince at age 19, and still happily married after 22 years together. But later I was cursing the men that brought out the worst in us and face-planting myself when the author shared some of the things she herself did. "Don't do it!" and "Get out of there" echoed in my home. The Lessons from the frogs she kissed is very relatable and also got me thinking, exploring and implementing strategies in my relationship for improved communication. Thank you for sharing your story with us! Do yourself a favour and spend some time with this great book! 

Lindi Brougham-Cook
Estate Agent

 Absolutely loved this book. Very well written. Easy to read. Many colourful characters. Great humour and insight to balance the more challenging parts. This book is a must read. It has the potential to help a lot of people navigate their way out of unhealthy relationship patterns. 

Nina Bothma

 A must read. I saw myself in many instances and could totally relate. This author has made herself vulnerable and she is honest, whilst giving us hope that we can grow and change. I couldn't stop reading it. 

Glenis Inglesby Du Toit
PA/PRO at Helen Keller Society (NPO 000-253)