Why Did I Write This Book?

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.” 
 - Toni Morrison I have been asked many times WHY on Earth I decided to write a book, I mean who does that?? There is no short answer to that question, but I will begin by saying that when I was going through any one my many heartbreaks, or even at the beginning of one of my new relationships, I often scrambled in search of a book in which I could find hope, solace, advice, and basically reassurance that it was all going to be Ok, but that book didn’t exist.. until now. -Krystal Kolnik

Elevator Pitch

I think it’s safe to say that all the relationships I had before finding myself were co-dependent ones. But I had to learn that ultimately the greatest love of all is the love for oneself, and before reaching that point, I couldn't really expect anyone to genuinely love me. My story is filled with truisms and the kind of advice I would have liked to have read when I was going through any one of my break-ups...or honeymoon periods for that matter.

Intersting Characters

Be a fly on the wall, you will meet them all! Q. What does a dope addict, an abusive fisherman, a man still in love with his gay ex-wife, the eternal bachelor, he-who-made-me-the-centre-of-his-universe and a sexy Chilean all have in common? A.  Me!